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Automotive Industry.

We have 12 year's experience in handling promotional materials for the automotive industry including three of the largest car manufacturers in the world. We have developed industry-specific software facilitating order processing, activity tracking and performance monitoring.

From new model launches, to car manuals, we have the experience to get your materials where you need them, when you need them, and in good condition. Importantly we can also provide you relevant activity data to help you make better decisions for the future.

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Probably the area that generates the greatest volume and variety of promotional materials, this is where IT solutions are crucial in helping optimize processes and control activity. Picture catalogues on-line help quickly identify items, and our internet ordering systems facilitate the whole oerdering and stock control process.

We have experience over the past twelve years handling three of the world's largest FMCG's, distributing to reatil outlets, regional warehouses, supermarkets, and sales reps.

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Convenient and reliable distribution to sales reps nationwide is the key to this area. We have six years experience in this field, handling three major pharmaceutical companies, and distribution to around 1,000 sales reps every month.

Our dated-destruction monitoring system is crucial here, as is our interent ordering and stock control system.

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Energy/Gas stations.

We have years of experience with one of the largest oil companies in the world. Complete outsourced customer loyalty fulfillment programmes. From purchasing and receiving, to on-time distribution to gas stations or final customers, we have the necessary experience to operate your programme.

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Insurance and Finance

We offer complete outsourced marketing support. Rid your expensive office space from storage of brochures and other sales materials. We can receive, store and distribute on your behalf while monitoring destruction dates.

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Advertising and marketing.

Advertising agencies - Outsource your merchandising responsibilites to us. Merchandising and promotional materials distribution is our front window. Let us handle the nitty gritty logistics for you, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

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