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Customer loyalty fulfillment

Complete outsourced fulfillment services. Includes buying services, receiving, stock control, pick-pack operations, distribution, custom internet oredering systems, activity analysis and more...


Your suppliers deliver to us, and we check for quantity and quality, and enter databases, including photographing items for internet catalogues.


We create and internet picture catalogue of all your materials with specifications, so that you and your reps and view inventory on-line to facilitate ordering.


We have state-of-the-art. Storage facilites to suite most needs, including conventional racking systems, temperature controlled and air conditionned storage, self-storage, self-contained storage units.

Pick-pack operations

We have skilled and experienced crews to perform pick-pack operations cost effectively. These crews understand the delicate nature of promotional materials, and that they cannot arrive damaged at destination.

Inventory control

We keep track of your inventory and make it available to you on-line
24 hours a day.

Internet ordering system

We have developed customized internet ordering systems for our clients, so that their sales reps can order on-line, and stock levels are automatically adjusted.

Nationwide distribution

We distribute thousands of packages per month so we can pass on cost savings to you. We have relations with selected couriers, and also distribute full trucks nationwide, overnight.

Dated destruction

We keep record of expiry dates of promotional materials and notify you on time so you can instruct us to professional destroy expired items. This saves you storage costs, and makes sure invalid stock does not enter the market.


We undertsand that you need information so you can make better business decisions. That is why we have developed IT capability to give you useful facts: average delivery times, usage by sales reps, returns, current stock levels and more...

Performance monitoring

We understand you need to know how we are performing, so we track our success for you to see anytime.

Event management

We have the people and skills necessary to organize and operate sales events, and to run promotions at events.

Mail Campaigns

Outsource you mailing campaigns to us. We can arrange the entire mailing campaigns.


We can manage your displays, getting them onsite and assembled on time, returning them to storage and arranging repairs/maintaining condition.

Self Storage for sales reps

We can arrange conventient storage solutions for sales reps so they can clear their homes of promotional materials, and free them of the hassle of awaiting delivery.

Available currently in Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Krakow, we can provide self storage solutions for as little as PLN. 79.- per month (plus VAT 22%).

This means promtional materials can be delivered to the storage unit without the rep having to be there, and also the rep has free access to stoarge anytime during business hours.

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