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We understand the true value of promotional materials. Since this is all
we do, they mean everything to us. We understand the considerable amount
of money that has been spent on them, and the whole marketing campaign
that they represent to the final consumer.

Promotional materials are generally delicate by nature. They tend not to
be packed adequately when received in bulk from producers, and need to be
professionally repacked for safe further distribution to the end user. If they
do arrive damaged, they tend to be worthless.

By nature promotional materials tend to be attractive, and therefore tempt pilferage. We understand this value and take the appropriate steps to help
protect them.

Promotional materials are time sensitive. They cannot be late, because
they have been produced for specific events - product launches etc...
We understand their specific short life cycle and the importance of them
being on time.

Because we operate in such large quantities, we can pass on cost
saving's on storage and distribution to you. With us you only pay for
items actually stored, not by the square meter, and we can get you very
competitive distribution rates because we distribute so much.

In conclusion, the real value of promotional material is far greater
than the invoice value. They are just the tip of the marketing mountain.
They represent a huge financial investment. All the media spend that went
behind the campaign is compromised if they are not in place on time.

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